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La Galette Des Rois Aux Noisettes



A frugal kings’ cake, made with “le pain des noisettes”, the huge biscuit-like disc that remains after each press of hazelnuts,  As we only do one cold press, to maintain the nutritional value and taste of the nuts, we always have this “tourteau”, from which 90% of the oil has been extracted. It’s brilliant for cakes, crumbles etc. and even savoury recipes such as pesto, or a nutty crust on a pan fried trout. We simply grate it, so it resembles the texture of ground almonds, which you would normally find in a frangipane filling. I find it much tastier.You only need a small piece(great for Scrooges like me, who want this cake to stretch to all people who may pop round in the next few days!).The sweet woody flavour of the hazelnuts(reminiscent of a certain “chocolate spread”) makes a change change from almonds. The price is certainly a change. These tarts are around 15€ from your local boulanger. I need to check the pastry price, but it appears to have cost around 3€ for the whole tart.



Nobody has found “la fève” yet, the cheeky little character hiding in there somewhere. Who will it be? What will it be?Hmmmm…


100g of butter

100g of sugar

100g of ground almonds or hazelnuts(we sell hazelnut and walnut “pain de noix”. Drop us an email if you’re interested)

1 egg

1 tablespoon of double cream(optional)

2 puff pastry discs or sheets

Beat the butter and sugar until light and fluffy, Stir in the beaten egg. Fold in the nuts and the cream, if using. I frugally used up a blob of cream remaining from one of the many Christmas/New Year desserts. You can also add a drop of vanilla extract. I feel it doesn’t need it. The sweet nutty flavour suffices. 

Spread the mixture onto one of the pastry sheets(placed on a baking tray).

Cover with the second sheet. Seal the edges. I simply folded them over, to be honest in a rough shoddy fashion, too impatient for my own good, but actually when the pastry rose and browned, it made for a nice effect.

Cut a few holes in the pastry or a fancy pattern if you like.

Cook in a hot oven, until golden, crispy and risen(30-40 mins.)Image




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