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Frugal French Living, in Yorkshire


My first supper, since my return to Yorkshire. What better way to start than with pies, pasties and peas at the Boston Spa Beer festival. There couldn’t be a more frugal, “complete” handy-sized meal: meat, vegetables and flaky pastry, washed down with a real ale. I went for a traditional Cornish pasty, an important part of our culinary heritage, dating back to the 13th century, but firmly established as the poor man’s food in Cornwall, in  the 1800s. At this point it contained only vegetables(potato, swede and onion). The meat, usually beef,  was a later addition.

After eleven years in France, circumstances have brought me back to my native Yorkshire, permanently. I won’t go into the details, but I now have to empty lots of boxes filled with memories and have a very confused labrador, who responds only to French.I intend to make the most of this transition and recount a “mélange” of French and Yorkshire recipes, still advocating seasonal, fresh ingredients  – local where possible.Back to my boxes…

milou in the daffs


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