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Bénédicte’s Beautiful “Beets”


Bénédicte’s beautiful beets!

At the moment, we regularly stock up on beetroot “chez Bénédicte”, our local organic veg producer. She wisely advised me to try grated, raw-beetroot with apple slices. Not having harvested our apples yet, I looked for the nearest sweet alternative, carrots. Grate a large beetroot(peeled before, wearing gloves if you don’t want purple hands!) and mix together with 2 grated carrots. Add a generous drizzle of hazelnut oil and the juice of half a lemon. Season and serve on little pieces of crusty bread as a great accompaniment to an “Indian Summer” apéritif. The colour is fantastic, almost fluorescent; the sweet, succulent nature of the vegetables creates a surprising contrast with the smooth, woodiness of the hazelnut oil.Bon appétit. This recipe is in French on my new blog www.huileriedesalinslesbains.com. Version française sur mon nouveau blog www.huileriedesalinslesbains.com.


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