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Au revoir Autumn fairs, bonjour Christmas markets….

As I adorn my thermals and woollies, the extremely mild Autumn we experienced seems very far away. The golden light has been replaced by white skies.2 degrees today and snow forecast for later.A last look at some Autumn scenes…


The Autumn market in Pouilley Français. 170 stalls and lots of seasonal produce


Squashes galore in Pouilley Français


Ready to sell fresh wlanuts and walnut collectors in Pouilley Français


Golden , Autumn, evening light, as seen from my living room. The Fort Belin and “La Roche Pourrie”, literally the “rotten rock”, famously painted by Gustave Courbet.


Gatsby makes the most of the walnuts drying in the sun


5 thoughts on “Au revoir Autumn fairs, bonjour Christmas markets….

  1. nice to spot your blog and your interest in walnuts in the salins les bains vicinity.

    I collected a couple of sacks myself from our property in the same area, but find it difficult to shell them compared with the ones brought from Uk supermarkets. I gave some as presents to fellow teachers, back in East Yorkshire, before the end of last term but warned them of the potential frustration, so any tips would be useful.

    I’m sure I have seen your signage whilst out and about around salins so will hopefully do so again when back in the new year


    • Hello,
      Is it the first year you have collected the walnuts at your property? 2014 was a strange year, in that there were lots of walnuts due to favourable conditions in Spring, but the excessive rainfall and lack of sun in July/August meant that many nuts were small and difficult to shell. We have several orchards and those which are not well exposed to sunlight had a similar production to yours. However, the others are medium-large and easy to shell. We recommend a small wooden mallet for shelling. There are several wood turners in the area that make bowls and mallets specially made for shelling. It could also simply be your variety of walnuts that are difficult to shell.Whichever the case may be, walnuts are always easier to shell when they are very dry (you need to wait at least 3 months after harvesting).Supermarket nuts, on an industrial scale are often dried with machines to speed up the process. Do pop in and see us when you are in the area. We are just after Super U on the Route de Champagnole, in Salins. Thank you for your comments and interest in our site! A bientôt peut-être.

  2. yes first time we were able to collect walnuts from our tree, as we had stayed on till the end of September to do grape picking at Les Arsures. The best way to earn the euros to pay your house rates and insurance!

    will pay a visit when we are over for the first time in the year during Easter school hols wishing your an interesting start to the new year

    • Ok. See you at Easter. Do bring some nuts so we can have a look at them. If you have a good few kilos you we can make some walnut oil for you, from your own production. For more info see “produire votre huile” on our french site.

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