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Marvellous “Morilles”!



Spring has sprung and it’s “morille” mushroom season. I searched for hours in the countryside and ended up finding a huge one at the bottom of the garden on some rough ground. You can’t miss the honeycomb-formed , meaty flesh. It had already dried enormously in the warm spring sun, so I soaked in warm water for a few hours and then blanched it to remove any impurities and thoroughly rinsed it again. All that remained was to cut it into four and throw it into a runny, well seasoned omelette.

The mushroom I found appears to be a “morella esculenta”, which can be found in the UK. I discovered a great blog called Absolutely Fungulus, where the blogger recounts finding morels in a car park in Leeds! Although I am a cep lover, there is something strangely seductive about these elusive, meaty morels. They don’t look for luxurious forest undergrowth, they like a bit of rough and can often be found around old piles of chopped wood, wood chips and gravelly roadsides.

Remember to be careful when looking for wild mushrooms. there are many toxic varieties so its best to be guided by an expert.

Other spring sites…


Dandelions in the walnut grove


Walnut catkins




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