The recipe book has arrived!

DSCF1316It  has been a while since my last post. Such a busy time here, doing five markets a week and also putting the finishing touches to my new book. I am pleased to announce that it is now available to buy online. A bible of 31 pages, for walnut and hazelnut lovers, as all the recipes are based on the said nuts and their cold-pressed oils. It’s in French, but would make a good present for French-speaking foodies! It’s also peppered with stunning photos of the Jura, illustrations and a bit of philosophy.


The title, “La vie nous fait décortiquer bien des choses” is a play on words with the word “décortiquer”, which literally means “to shell”, but can also be used figuratively, in the sense of “to analyse”. You can “shell” a text in French, for example.  The title is thus very difficult to translate into English. I suppose, roughly, it would be “Life in a “nut shell” or something similar! It works well in French anyway!

A glimpse of the contents…




Price: 15,50€

Delivery is configured for the UK and Europe. For other countries, do send me an email for further information on delivery costs.

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