Flageolet beans with rosemary and chorizo


Isn’t it funny how an almost empty fridge, with a sprinkle of inspiration, can help you concoct the most delicious meals. I peered into the abyss of our fridge yesterday, after our walk, and glimpsed the saddest looking bit of chorizo sausage I had ever seen. Despite being very tasty and great quality, from our butchers, all that remained was the bit on the end, normally rather chewy and all skin. Hmmm what to do…In the cupboard was a tin of flageolet beans. Wandering around the flat in despair, my senses were awakened by some rosemary…in the hallway…yes in the hallway. It is in a vase without water, drying, for consumption all year round. It looks pretty and also acts as an air freshener!


My friend Evelyne, who came for tea the other day, didn’t bring flowers, but more originally a big bunch of rosemary.It has pride of place, on view when we enter the flat. My thoughts turned to a distant holiday in Corsica, from which the aromas of wild herbs are almost etched onto my brain. I remember walking for miles there, enveloped in a sort of olive, thyme and rosemary bubble – abundant on the rocky paths, often crushed under our boots and releasing their herby perfume.A walk there usually culminated in a platter of local “charcuterie”, in a hilltop bistro, flavoured with the said herbs and washed down with a pitcher of robust wine, full of sunshine.Here’s what I made.

All you need is a tin of white beans, a handful of rosemary, two shallots,a few slices of chorizo(chopped into little pieces), a clove or two of garlic and a couple of glasses of dry white wine.Simply fry the roughly chopped shallots, rosemary and garlic in olive oil, until soft. Add a handful of chopped chorizo and the beans. Cover with the wine, season and leave to cook down for about 20 minutes.Add water if it gets too dry. There always needs to be a sauce in this dish.

Serve with a piece of crusty bread. The beans become silky smooth as they are gradually covered in the fat, escaping from the chorizo, which is tempered by the wine.The salty pieces of meat, cutting through the herby bean mixture. If you don’t have Chorizo, you could always use some quality free-range, thick cut and chopped bacon.


Bon appétit